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Choosing a Wedding Cake


The wedding cake will be the centre of attention at your wedding reception...it is traditional for guests to stay at least until the cake has been cut.

Your wedding cake will feature in a lots of wedding photographs, you should take some time to choose the perfect wedding cake. Traditionally, wedding cakes used to be three tiered, and were covered with royal icing. Nowadays, there are hundreds of cakes that you can choose from with more contemporary designs being increasingly popular. You can even get a wedding cake customized to your own unique design and have just about any design under the sun.


When you are ready to start looking for the perfect wedding cake, consider the following factors:


1) Size of the Cake: The size of the wedding cake will depend on the number of guests that you are expecting. If you are planning to save some cake for guests who could not accept your invitation and will be unable to attend, and are also planning to send your wedding cake to out-of-town invitees, then you should keep this in mind while determining the exact number of people.


2) Design: Go through the cake sample pictures from different confectioners and bakers.

Browse the supplier websites listed here and if you do not find something that you like, you can always design your own wedding cake.


3) Flavour: While it is important that a wedding cake appeal to the visual senses, it is even more important that it taste good. Choose from the regular vanilla or chocolate, fruit cake or sponge cake, cheesecakes, and even wedding cakes with a mousse filling...maybe even have different tiers in different flavours.


4) Cost: A 'standard sized' wedding cake can vary in price from a couple of hundred pounds up to several thousand.


Most wedding cake suppliers require you to place your order at least a couple of months in advance

...so don't leave choosing your wedding cake till the last minute!

Please browse our directory to find your perfect Wedding Cake.

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